Australia ReDiscovered with Ricko is brand new off-road inspired show with a real difference!
In each episode of Australia ReDiscovered with Ricko, Ricko will take a look at a great Aussie story. It may be a yarn about an explorer, a bushranger, or even an iconic outback pub! Whatever the subject matter may be, you'll find it interesting and informative, and hopefully you'll be empowered to get out there and rediscover some great Australian history for yourself, whatever form it comes in! 

So sit back, grab a coldie and a few snacks and settle in for a laid-back session with Ricko as he shares his passion for the country and the stories of how it became the best in the world! Click the button below to head straight to our 7 Plus page and be sure to share it to your socials if you enjoyed it. Cheers!

season 1 - episode 1

The stories behind some of Victoria's High Country Huts

The Victorian High Country is home to all sorts of legends, from horsemen to iconic huts and even an infamous unsolved murder mystery! 

Join Ricko and his faithful 4x4, Winnie, as they trek through the High Country rediscovering the stories that have made the mountains a magnet for centuries.

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season 1 - episode 3

The life and times of Captain Charles Sturt - part 2

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In part two of our two-part yarn on the achievements of the unsung Aussie exploration hero, Charles Sturt, RIcko takes Winnie for a run up the Darling and out towards corner country in NW NSW. Sturt was looking for the fabled inland sea, but the death of a member of his party was all he found. 

season 1 - episode 5

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season 1 - episode 7

Ben Hall - from farmer and family man to Australia's most wanted! Part 2

Bold Ben Hall had made the transition from gentle family man to the country's most infamous outlaw! He had made and lost fortunes, and had become well loved by the general public. However the police had it in for Hall and they would take him down in incredibly brutal circumstances, all before his 28th birthday!

season 1 - episode 9

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Captain Thunderbolt was arguable Australia's most successful Bushranger!

Frederick Wordsworth Ward, better known to you and I as the notorious Captain Thunderbolt! In this episode we take a look at the beginnings of the man who would go on to have a long and storied career as a Bushranger in NSW who plied his trade up and down the Hunter and New England regions. 

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A bunch of iconic outback pubs? Sounds

like a great idea for a roadtrip!

In this episode Ricko visits four iconic pubs, each with their own unique back story and connection to the town they are in.  If you are looking for a bit of inspiration for a road trip, look no further than ep 9 of Australia ReDiscovered with Ricko!

season 1 - episode 2

The life and times of Captain Charles Sturt - part 1

When it comes to heroes of the bush, the name Captain Charles Sturt is not the first name that comes to mind, but he has a resume that certainly lives up to the hype. 

In this episode Ricko heads out into "Sturt Country" in western NSW to follow in Sturt's steps as he battled to unravel the mystery surrounding the state's confusing river systems.

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season 1 - episode 4

Ben Hall - from farmer and family man to Australia's most wanted! Part 1

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Bold Ben Hall started out his adult life as anything but a notorious bushranger. But life dealt him a hand that saw him turn rogue and wind up as one of the country's most wanted men. 

Just how did Ben Hall go from family man and farmer to perpetrator  of the largest heist in the history of the colony?

season 1 - episode 6

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Ricko takes a run into the Victorian high country to rediscover the goldrush

season 1 - episode 8

Victoria's stunning high country is littered with ghost towns and mining relics more than a century old. In this episode Ricko heads deep into the hills and valleys to visit some of the old workings and tell a few stories from what was a wild time in Victoria's goldrush history, and we reckon there are a couple of yarns here you haven't heard before now!

season 1 - episode 10

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Captain Thunderbolt had become a legend in his own lifetime!

The notorious and feared Captain Thunderbolt had made a name for himself  alright with plundering and pillaging throughout the New England region, but how did he evade capture for so long? 
In this episode we explore the hidden cave where he made his hideout, and follow the story to the gruesome end!

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The Burke & Wills story is one of bravery, foolishness, triumph and tragedy.

In this, the last episode of Season 1 of  Australia ReDiscovered with Ricko, we are heading into the outback to visit four pubs that all have a connection to the story of the nation's most famous exploration story, the epic tale of Burke & Wills.