Who Is Ricko?

Rick “Ricko” OBrien is one of Australia’s most recognisable and trusted figures in the off-road and outdoor leisure community. With more than two decades spent in the off-road and outdoors industry as a retailer, journalist, magazine editor and as the host of countless off-road videos, Ricko’s real rise to fame has come as the host of the popular Channel Ten series, The Offroad Adventure Show, over the past five years.
Ricko’s working life began in the restaurant game – believe it or not! After starting work while still in High School, he went on to run a licensed Italian Pizzeria restaurant before eventually buying the business and running it successfully for many years.
Years of working day and night, 363 days a year eventually took its toll, and Ricko made a clean break.
From here he moved into the motorcycle industry as a salesman, sales manager, and eventually store manager. While Ricko had enjoyed a life-long love of the outdoors, it was at this time when the 4WDing bug really took over his life.
Ricko joined a popular Sydney-based 4WD Club (and eventually went on to become the President of the Club for three years), left the motorcycle industry and took a job in a new 4WD store in Sydney’s north-west. With Ricko’s help through the promotion, retailing and the marketing skills he had learned throughout his career, the store went on to be quite the success, with clients from all around the globe.
It was during this time that Ricko became involved in 4WD competitions and events. After attending the annual Tuff Truck Challenge in NSW’s Hunter Valley, Ricko was asked to help out with a bit of commentating due to his vast knowledge of the industry. The rest as they say, is history. Ricko was invited back the following year to head up the commentary team and he continued to MC the event for the next ten years!
In 2008 Ricko was approached to contribute to a DVD for the country’s most popular off-road magazine, Australian 4WD Action. His performance caught the eye of the heads of the Magazine, and he was promptly offered the role of Editor of a brand new off-road magazine, Extreme Off-Road. Ricko was responsible for almost all facets of the production of the magazine, from writing the stories, taking the photos, editing, and even selling the ad space. He went on to run another off-road magazine, Aussie Off-Road Utes, and he also spent a year in the Associate Editor’s chair of one of the best-selling men’s interest magazine’s in the country, Australian 4WD Action. During his time with the magazines, Ricko contributed hundreds of images and countless articles and stories for a wide variety of off-road magazines including 4WD Custom Guide, Overlander and 4WD Action & Adventure.
After a long time spent doing more writing about 4WDIng than actually being off-road in a 4WD, Ricko took a break before starting a new business freelance writing, and ended up with a couple of new magazine titles to manage. Another couple of years passed, and in 2012 he decided it was time to chase his dream – his passion, which was to share his years of hard-won knowledge with others, and the Offroad Adventure Show was born.
Ricko was the co-founder, co-Executive Producer and host of the show for five amazing years. During that time , he and the team behind the show have screened more than 60 episodes of the show on Channel Ten on a Sunday afternoon, and 10 Bold on Saturdays. In 2018 after five years of being involved in the show, he felt it was time for a new challenge, and a new project. Work behind the scenes is still currently underway, and we can’t wait to share our new show – Australia ReDiscovered with Ricko, soon.

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